Munich, Germany (Road Trip 71)

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I was hoping to get a few posts up before our holiday, but somethings never go to plan.  Well, we are now in Scotland on our hols and having some lovely weather for a change…..well so far, goodness knows what it will be like next week. Anyway I am going to try and finish of last years holiday, to and from Italy, not a lot to go now 🙂  We had reached Munich and I just love the city for the wonderful architecture.  I had taken many photos over the years, so I like to try and take different captures. This is a postcard of 2018 captures in mono and me trying to be a bit different 🙂  Next post is the missing church that I found on this trip.      


15 Replies to “Munich, Germany (Road Trip 71)”

  1. I’ve not been to Munich (but did manage Berlin) so it is interesting to see photos of here. 🙂
    You’ve put together a lovely collection.
    And I am very happy you have nice weather in Scotland. Amazing! 😀

    1. I spoke too early about the wonderful Scottish weather 🙂 first week wonderful, second week, we came home early by three days, need I say more 🙂 Glad you liked the Munich photos, Berlin is on my wish list 🙂

  2. I love black and white photography, Lynne, and these are very good. I’ve never been to Munich. It looks very photogenic. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday in Scotland.

  3. That was really lovely. I do like black and white photos and started with that FILM!! way back when. Now it’s even more exciting when able to see through that lens the finished product. Have never been to Munich, on the list (ever growing) but kids have and they really had a great time. Thanks for the postcard!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the postcard 🙂 Sometimes b & w show up more details. Hope you get there one day, if your list is anything like mine, we need several lifetimes 🙂

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