Show Time, Oktoberfest 2018, Munich Germany (Road Trip 74)

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Munich Oktoberfest 2018, the last leg of our holiday and the weather for once was perfect.  The Dray Horses were beautiful and I managed to take loads of photos, as for once, we were there at the right time, normally I just get to see the tail end 🙂  So I am just going to let you enjoy the photos, or it will be another month before I post them.  I must explain that I have had a slipped disc, and on top of that, a nasty cold, plus buying a new house.  So blogging just went out of the window for a short time, hopefully back to normal, as the back is now better, the cold nearly gone and about three weeks to having a new home 🙂

8 Replies to “Show Time, Oktoberfest 2018, Munich Germany (Road Trip 74)”

  1. I just love the way they deck those beauties out! My but life has handed you some lemons! Hope you are doing much better!

    1. Yes they do dress those horses beautifully. Thank you I am a lot better and hopefully the house buying is nearly over, forgot how long it can take 🙂

  2. Sorry, I am late and behind! So sorry to hear about your back-it’s not fun, buying a new house?! Wow, good on you and hope it is all you want =) Your photos are incredible! The horses look so celebratory-dressed up and wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

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