While sailing on any of the ferries, from Oban, Scotland, you will pass the Dog Stone, which is quite amazing as it was once a huge sea stack, but now it seems to be growing out of the land with trees protruding from its summit.  Science tells us that this is made from rock known as Conglomerate, deposited about 415 million years ago, but I like the following story about this ancient stone.

The Dog Stone –  Its name is derived from a legend that relates that this is where the giant, Fingal, tied up his dog, Bran, when he went hunting in the Hebrides.  As Bran circled and struggled, he wore a groove around the base of the stone with its colossal chain and they say you can still hear its ghostly howls.

May 2016

13 Replies to “The Dog Stone – Scotland”

  1. If the oceans keep rising it may be a sea stack again! Poor Bran, no dog likes it when his master leaves him alone like that. I’m sure there was a joyous reunion. 🙂

      1. And sloppy kisses. 🙂 Don’t let those big guys fool you, their all puppies at heart. When their people say it’s OK. 🙂

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