The Church of Santa Felicita, Florence, Italy

Florence 2016, sometimes it was very hard to work out if you were looking at church or some other building.  It was only when I got home and looked up the photos of the what I thought were churches, I was then able to give them a name.  I nearly walked by Santa Felicita, it was only because someone else was taking photos that I stopped.  It was locked, apparently it is open on Saturdays, but of course it wasn’t a Saturday, but maybe in the future we will come back on a Saturday.  

I think it is worth a visit after I read the following… the 4th Century a church was built on this place by the Christian community of Florence, which inhabitated on this side of the river, opposite to the Roman city; this early-christian building was subsequently modified and enlarged (in 11th Century, and then in 14th Century, when a tower located by the church was transformed in bell-tower), so that today only few fragments of the originary structure are still recognizable.

Santa Maria Novella Church, Florence, Italy

Santa Maria Novella Church is the first church we saw when we arrived by train to Florence in 2016.  It is situated across from the main railway station.  Chronologically, it is the first great basilica in Florence, and is the city’s principal Dominican church.  The church, adjoining cloister and chapter house contain many art treasures that were financed by the most important Florentine families.  But we didn’t  see any treasures, as the rain was pouring down and there were queues,and having just arrived we just want to get to the heart of Florence, before we were washed away.  

The convent was built between 1279 and 1357 by Dominican friars near a 7th century church located in the fields just outside Florence’s medieval walls. The lower part of the marble facade, which is Romanesque in style, is believed to have been executed by a Dominican architect, Fra Iacopo Talenti da Nipozzano, while the upper part was completed only 100 years later in 1470 by Leon Battista Alberti. Thus, the facade is not only the oldest of all the churches in Florence but it is also the only church with its original, planned facade still in place today!


Good Morning Munich, Germany

After our train trip, last year 2016, from Frankfurt to Munich, we stayed over night in Munich, as we had another train to catch in the morning.  We have never stayed the city before, always on the outskirts or in Landsberg a few miles away, and come in by train, which means the place is normally heaving with tourists by the time we have arrived on different visits.  The alarm was set for early, breakfast started at 7am, so we were there on the dot, we had a lovely large breakfast which include bacon and eggs.  You need to fill up, as food is sometimes not an option on the trains.  Infact the train from Frankfurt to Munich, the catering waggon had to be left behind as there was a problem with it, however they did bring some sandwiches around and some coffee in a flask….. which helped a little.  So we learnt to eat a big breakfast, and buy something to eat on the stations, just in case.  We did see lots of locals that had a picnic with them, and they made quite an occasion of it.  After breakfast we made our way around the block from the hotel, I have taken so many photos of the city, and this time I wanted to find something different, somewhere we had missed before.  What was nice, was the lack of bodies, although by the time we had finished our walk, they were begining to emerge.  Time to head to the station for our next train.

My husband paying for a magnet pray wish…….I have it on my desk at work….’Take great pride in everything you do’  cost £2.00, yes he took a £2.00 coin out of my husbands hand, and then husband gave to to me, as he said I needed it it more than him…..I will leave it at that 🙂


Horns – AC/DC Concert

We went to see a AC/DC concert in July 2015, I just cannot believe it was that long ago.  There was one photo I took that I really liked, but then lost it, but now I have found it…… the plus side of sorting photos 🙂  It was a wonderful concert, I couldn’t hear for a week, always a good sign 🙂

A Post Card From Landsberg am Lech, Bavaria, Germany

I am still sorting photos, and I came across some that I had taken in 2016, of the central square in the beautiful town of Landsberg, they were a little too dark, well a lot really, so I played around with them.  I used a filter and hopefully have saved them.  I could have changed them to black & white, but I love the colours of the houses that stand around the central square.

St Faith In The Church of St Peter & St Paul, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

Wisbech a Fenland Town in Cambridgeshire, holds a Rose Fair each year, which we try to attend, it’s like a carnival and is well attended.  The parish church of St Peter & St Paul hold their flower festival at the same time and of course I visit and take loads of photos….which I still need to post, but sorting through some photos I found St Faith.  The church has lots of lovely stained glass, but St Faith is my favourite window and maybe I will get around to posting about the Rose Fair, now I have found her 🙂