Memorial to Mr John Thompson for his good works

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 When travelling around looking for churches, I have started to notice memorials, some fancy, some plain, but all erected to an individual for good works.  I know that they are not exciting but they are a foot print in time.  It could be that a whole town or village might have evolved differently, for the better or worse, if these persons had never existed.  Also it might help someones family history, which is also a passion of mine.  The first one I snapped, when exploring St Oswald Church, Winwick, is on the green in front of the old gates of the church.  It stands quite high, well looked after and sit very pretty in front the old church entrance.

The monument has been erected to Mr John Thompson, Surveyor to Warrington District Highway Authority, the rest is on the photo below.  I should think this dates from just after 1900…..looks to be built of marble and stone…..but what a wonderful memorial to Mr John Thompson, which is still standing over a hundred years later.


2 Replies to “Memorial to Mr John Thompson for his good works”

  1. There’s a blog that focuses on memorials in London – can’t recall the name of it sadly – but I think its fascinating to delve into some of the memorials around – who were they and why did they warrant a memorial.

    1. Many thanks for dropping in and I will have to have a hunt for that blog….I agree some of them are really quite interesting when you start to look into them.

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