‘Roof Angels’ of St John the Baptist, Stamford

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Beautiful ‘Roof Angels’ and I’ve just found them…….can’t believe I have never seen a roof angel, until this week-end when I walked into a church and there was a whole roof of them.  This wonderful church is St John the Baptist in the historical town of Stamford .  We had stopped to have some lunch after spending the morning taking snow photos of churches around the area and we needed warming up.  To my delight this redundant Anglican church in the centre of the town was open…..I was given 15 minutes to snap away.  Now I didn’t see the angels first, my husband did….look at the roof, look at the angels.  So now all I want is roof angels in every church I go to…..mind you thats not going to work, as this was the first church I found that was actually open.  But now if I know there are roof angels inside some of them, I might just have to hunt down the key holders and have a look. There is more to come in part 2 of the ‘Roof Angels’ & the church of St John the Baptist.


5 Replies to “‘Roof Angels’ of St John the Baptist, Stamford”

    1. Your photos are wonderful, I have a feeling a holiday might be required to see these lovely church buildings. So glad that you like the angels, I have somemore to go on and I have found out that lots of the churches around where we live have the angels in them….so hopefully I will be busy. Enjoy your day.

    1. Thank you Karen, I love the ones in Kings Lynn, I often just pop into to look and take photos. There are quite a few around, still have lots of churches to visit to take their photos 🙂 Lynne

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