Portofino Lighthouse 1917, Portofino, Italy (Road Trip 50)

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September 2018 – We had walked down to the harbour in Portofino and we boarded a cruise boat that travels up and down the coast, dropping people off to explore and returning later to collect them.  The idea of sitting for a while, with a lovey sea breeze blowing across my face was wonderful……it was so hot, we were not use to it, not complaining, but with my cold, it did make breathing very difficult, but a lovely sea breeze would be just perfect.

As the boat came out of the harbour and turned, I saw a lighthouse, husband had got it right again, he is very good at finding things for me, and what a beautiful one to add to my lighthouse category.

A little history…….The lighthouse was built in 1917 and consists of a white quadrangular tower, 12 feet (3.7 m) high, with balcony and lantern, attached to a 2-storey white keeper’s house. The lantern, painted in grey metallic and emits a flash every five seconds is now completely automated.  

You can walk to the lighthouse, although we did have a go after we had visited the castle, I just ran out of puff, even the thought of sitting having a drink in the little bar on the terrace could not carry me any further….of course now I could do it and would enjoy a drink.  It was enough though, to sit on the boat and take endless photos, while all the time getting closer to my second surprise.


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