St Mary Church, Henstead, Suffolk

One that got a away in 2016, St Mary in Henstead, Suffolk.  Unfortunately on the day that we passed this beautiful Norman Church, we just didn’t have the time to visit.  So I took a photo and also of the village sign, so I know where to come back to.  It did look so intriguing sitting along among the trees and there it will sit, until I can return and explore…..thats if its open. 

Happy New Year 2018

Well thats the end of another year, they do seem to be going faster, or is that just me 🙂  I would like to thank all my blogging friends, for the likes and most of all, the comments that people take the time to leave.  Hopefully next year I will catch up on some of the tons of churches that I still have to post 🙂

‘Happy New Year’ and I do hope it’s as peaceful as it can be for everyone.

The photo is of the Fens in Norfolk, and I am sure that if it wasn’t pouring down in rain, this is what the end of 2017 would have looked like 🙂

Christmas In St Peter’s Church, Walpole St Peter, Norfolk

Finally a post on the beautiful Church of St Peter in Walpole St Peter in Norfolk.  This is one of my favourite churches, and I have been using many of the photos taken in 2016, for this years Christmas 2017.   It is going to be a difficult Christmas for us this year, my Father is seriously ill, my Mother in Law also, but on top of her illness, she had a major heart attack on Tuesday morning, but she is doing well.  For all that, we are determined, to make the best of everything and make their Christmases very special.  In fact we are really looking forward to some Christmas magic, and I am sure it will happen with a little help 🙂  But back to the church, each year St Peter’s is decorated so beautifully, and hopefully after the holidays I will be able to visit and take some photos of this years decorations.  The last photo is of my husband, who is very important in helping me with my blog, for taking me more or less where ever I want to go, and also for putting up with my never ending desire to see more of our wonderful world 🙂

Coming Down The Mountain, The Jungfrau, The Swiss Alps

This is the last of my photos of our trip to the top of Europe in 2015, The Jungfrau in the Swiss Alps.  This is the return trip down from the Mountain and the glorious views that you can see from the trains.  We did have a wonderful trip and this is really to remind me of how much we enjoyed it.  The photos are of the views from the two different trains that we travelled on……at one point it was very steep, but we stayed on the rails 🙂

Climbing A Mountain The Easy Way, By Train – The Jungfrau, Switzerland


You travel on three trains to reach the Top of Europe, we caught the first train at Interlaken, Switzerland in 2015, and two more took us up to the top of the Jungfrau.  The last train travels through the interior of the mountain, and then if the cloud is clear, you enter another world.  Just a few photos of the trip up to the top, they are not as clear as I would like, as they were taken through the train windows.  The Top of Europe Experience will hopefully follow shortly.