Passing By


 I love these carriages that travel up and down the promenade in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.  The horses are well cared for.  They have rests under shade and are lovingly brushed down, fed and watered on their breaks.

Occupation Category ‘Carriage Drivers’

August 2014



Way back in August when the sun was shining, we paid a visit to Great Yarmouth.  I wanted to take some photos of what is left of the old seaside type buildings, which are on the promenade and while walking along the prom, I suddenly spied the human statue and his audience.

Great one for the Occupation Category ‘Street Statue’……well its… a sort of occupation :)

August 2014


Cilgerran Castle, North Pembrokeshire, Wales



 One of the Welsh Castles that we visited in September, was the splendid Cilgerran Castle.  The castle is often overlooked, but perched high up over looking the wonderfully named Plysgog river, with views all around, it should not be passed by.  It is difficult to park, as the castle can only be approached by foot, due to being situated in the centre of the village, but in September is quite easy just to park, and stroll along the back alleys to the castle.

The castle had a very chequered history and its origins are uncertain, but it seems to have been established by Owain ap Cadwgan about 1108.  More buildings were added to during later periods and at one point in 1863, one of the outer walls collapse due to slate mining.  The castle did not figure in the Civil Wars and really fell into romantic decay and became state property in 1943.

From our visit September 2014


A Golden Angel


Yesterday we wanted to visit Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, but way too much traffic, so we made our way to Longthorpe Village about two miles from the city.  Longthorpe is famous its wall paintings in a manor house, but it also has an interesting church, St Botolph.  I will post about both later, but I just loved this stained glass golden angel, he brighten my day.


Pulpit Sunday, St James, Taunton, Somerset


This Sundays Pulpit is from a large church in Taunton, Somerset, St James.  St James has been modernised, but still has a nice feeling to it.   The only problem I had with the interior, was the mustard coloured carpet that was covering the floor……….it was, just lets say, not to my taste, so hence the monochrome touch.

From a visit Jan 2014

The Tree

Last Sunday we were in London and while I was waiting outside a shop for Husband, I noticed what was going on around one tree.  Then I starting thinking about all the life that the tree sees.  Then I stopped thinking, because the tree couldn’t really see, but I could :)