Cei Bach, Near Newquay, Wales

This is our dog walk while we are on holiday, every morning and evening we visit the beach, a two minute walk from where we are staying.  It is so peaceful and beautiful, each year when we arrive, we all dash down to make sure its still there.  This year we had to come a different way in to Cei Bach, as the bottom road has been washed away and most likely be a long time until it is repaired.

From our trip 2014

A Bethel Baptist Church, Rheidol Valley, Wales

Driving through the beautiful Rheidol Valley in Wales, we came across this tiny Bethel Baptist Church.  The church is dated 1872, although the entrance looked very run down, there is a litter bin in the porch, so maybe it is in use.

Up A Welsh Ladder

DSC_0262 - Version 2

We are on holiday in Wales at the moment to visit castles, abbeys and churches, but I cannot stop taking photos of people carrying out their everyday occupations.  We were driving back from seeing a lovely abbey and I suddenly saw this builder struggling to get up a ladder.

A Welsh Builder, for my Occupation Category.  September 2014.

Stick People & Stones – Stonehenge


Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire, just incase there is someone who doesn’t know :)  I am still sorting photos and I like the way the bodies in these photos look like stick people, against the large stones.  I think they make you aware of how massive Stonehenge is.

Taken while driving pass in 2012


A Blackhouse Corner In The Outer Hebrides, Scotland


When we were on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland in May, I took loads of photos of theses cottages called Blackhouses.  This cottage had just been restored and the new roof was having the finshing touches to it.

From our trip May 2014

The Owl Girl

I love owls, we have Little Owls living in some of our trees and a Barn Owl swoops through the garden every night.  So when we made a quick stop at a deer park on the way to St Andrew’s in Scotland late one afternoon, we found this young owl was just about to be bedded down for the night…..well he had been carrying out little shows for the children all day.  I just had time for a quick photo shot with him posing for me and then he was off to bed.  Looking back at the photos, I thought his young handler would go well in my Occupation Category.