Welsh Engine Driver, Llangollen, Wales


Llangollen Railway Festival 2012.  I am having a steam train moment…..I think its because I haven’t been on one for a while, will have to rectify that.  We are going to Wales on holiday in about two weeks, so no excuse, plenty to chose from.

I like this one for my occupation category, just can’t have enough Engine Drivers.


Cumbrian Mountain Express


In 2010 we were lucky enough to go on the Cumbrian Mountain Express, we boarded the train at about 7.00 am at Manchester in the month of November.  It was cold to say the least.   I like this photo because it looks cold and it also looks like it could have been shot in the 50’s ….hopefully.  I hope the people look fuzzy enough that you are not sure what they are wearing.

Two More For The Heavenly Orchestra


Its along time since I found any new instrument playing stained glass angels.  But on Bank Holiday Monday, I struck gold in more ways than one, I found a few beautiful angels for my Heavenly Orchestra series.  These angels could be paintings, they are so detailed and the gold is wonderful.  You can find them in St Andrew’s Church, Great Easton in Leicestershire.

From our visit August 2014

Teds In Church, St Andrew’s Church, Great Easton, Leicestershire



If you go into a church today, you never know what you might find…..I wonder if the Teds are going to have a picnic in the woods after the service :)

From our visit to St Andrew’s Church in Great Easton, Leicestershire 2014

Graffiti Heaven, Lyveden New Bield, Northamptonshire

When I started to take photos of Lyveden New Bield in Northamptonshire on Bank Holiday Monday, I realised that nearly every smooth stone of the building was covered in graffiti.  Graffiti fascinates me, the oldest I found is the shield 1681, there are some older ones, but as it was pouring in rain and unfortunately the house never did get a roof, so it really was point and press.  There is a story that a farmer use to rent out a chisel and hammer for sightseers to carve their names in the stones, of course this was a long time ago.  When you start to look you see such wonderful names that have now long disappeared and there are a few birds, not sure why, must be a reason, and most of the graffiti is so neat.

A post of the house will follow shortly.

From our visit August 2014.

Lyveden New Bield, Northamptonshire


We decided on Bank Holiday Monday to visit Northamptonshire, a very special place, Lyveden New Bield, an Elizabethan House.  It was pouring in rain, but when has that ever stopped the intrepid explorers, arm with umbrellas…….no we forgot ours and had to borrow some from the National Trust.  It was worth wet feet, also forgot welly boots, for this is a totally amazing place, its not a ruin, it was just never finished.  It has stood here since 1605……but this is not a post of the building, that is to follow, this is me changing a building to black and white hopefully to make it look timeless.  This is the most perfect building to change, as it is timeless itself, hardly changed in 400 years.