Halloween Zombies (1)


When we visited Hastings in East Sussex in 2012, it was this time of year, the start of Halloween.  My granddaughter and I were in one of the many antique type shops, she has a passion for old things, anyway we suddenly heard a large noise outside.  The lady in the shop said…..they have arrived….err whats arrived…..the Zombies.  We rushed outside and sure enough the whole lane was full of Zombies, they were doing the annual ‘Zombie Walk’

As its Halloween Week, not just a night anymore, I will try and post a Halloween type photo until the big night and then post a ghost post. well thats the plan :)


Glastonbury, Somerset


I knocked one off my wish list yesterday, Glastonbury in Somerset, we had been to Taunton (to do with work) and on the way home, husband asked if I would like to visit Glastonbury……would I…..Now how I have never been to Glastonbury is a mystery to me, and it was so different from what I thought it would been, a whole lot nicer.  There is more than just the Tor, there is a beautiful ruined Abbey, some really lovely churches and a little town full of interesting buildings and people……I am so sure we saw a few witches yesterday.  As you can imagine the whole place is decorated for Halloween and this weekend there are quite a few things happening……one is a Zombie Walk and I’m sure the other has something to do with Fairies.

I will post about the Abbey and churches we visited, this is just a visual reminder for me to do it.

October 2014

Oscar & The Huskies

DSC_0326 - Version 2

This is my youngest grandchild, Oscar aged 2.7 in 2012, he is now the grand age of 4.5, but still as sweet.  The photo was taken in Maidstone, Kent in Dec and we called them the Christmas Huskies, they were beautiful and were so good with the young children.  I am sorting through the years, goodness know what I will find :)

Maidstone, Kent 2012

Smoke In The Air


The steam engine was waiting in the engine shed, steaming up, getting ready for the days work, and the air was full of steam and smoke……. lovely.

The Vale of Rheidol Railway, Wales. Occupation Category ‘Engine Driver”

From Our visit September 2014