Maybe Or Maybe Not……

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This actually frightened the life out of me last Christmas.  We were visiting Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk and we had just climb the stairs to the gallery and there is such wonderful wallpaper, that I wanted a photo of it.  I took a photo of the hall, swung round to go through the door, when I felt something, swung again and took this photo.  Just for a second I thought it was a ghost……..I did not hear her and she must have moved like lightening to get to the bottom of the stairs.  I even said I thought she was a ghost, her reply….a lot of people think that…..I wonder why !!!

Below is the photo that I had taken seconds before… was odd thought because I didn’t see her again during the visit, oh and she didn’t come out of the side door as it was empty when we went pass……, I’m sure she was real, but she did give me a fright.


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The Exorcist’s House, Kings Lynn


Lots of people seem to like this post, so thought it would be a good one to reblog on Halloween :)

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If you go out for a walk today you never know what you might find……in this case a spooky house.  On my recent exploration of Kings Lynn, I just snapped anything that stood still long enough, which included a lot of buildings that looked interesting.  It wasn’t until I started to research them that I now know what I snapped.  On my way to see St Nicholas Church I saw a little white house right next to the railings of the church.


 Going through the gates and looking at the side of the building, I thought what an odd little building with the door straight on to the churchyard, why would that be there.  I now know that the house was attached to the church and one way that a Catholic priest could progress through the church was to hold the position of Exorcist.  The building is said to be…

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Bright & Beautiful


In one of the Round Tower Churches we visited last Sunday, in West Lexham in Norfolk, St Nicholas, has an amazing stained glass window.  It brightened up an otherwise dark interior.

The window, which was installed c1881, is signed by L Lobin of Tours (France). It is both rare & interesting as its style and colour are more typical of windows produced in England during the 1850s/60s.

The Pumpkin Seller


 Somewhere on our travels recently, while in the car, I spotted these pumpkins and then I spotted the pumpkin seller.

Although all of my Occupation Category photos are black & white, this one just looks wrong not in colour,  you just have to have the bright orange of the pumpkins.

Somewhere up north in England – October 2012

Ghost Hunter of York

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Way back in 2011 on a visit to York, we came across this fellow advertising ghost walks.  I would have loved to have gone on one of the walks, but we were running out of time, maybe one day.  He did have a very spooky expression on his face, so he was well suited for his job.  So he is going in my Occupation Category as Ghost Hunter.

On a visit to York 2011