Appin Burial Ground & Culloden Monument – Scotland

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Lots of old burial grounds in Scotland, in fact tons of them.  Most are in wonderful locations and always seemed to comprise of an ancient ruin of a church or two.  This one, is near to one of our favourite places, Appin, of Castle Stalker fame.  In 2013 I had been taking photos of the castle again… seems to happen on every visit…..not sure what I am trying to capture, suppose I will know when I have 🙂 anyway I had finished, and we were driving away, when I noticed the gravestones.  Stopping the car again, my husband has the patience of a saint, I jumped out quickly to explore.


It is a lovely mellow cemetery, with the old parish church of Appin, a roofless ruin. Built in 1749, the church superseded an earlier building dating from around 1641, which most probably stood on the site of an earlier chapel.  The most interesting feature is the arch which contains the Stewart of Appin headstone. This stone formerly stood over the Stewart of Appin grave at Culloden and commemorates those of the clan who fell in the Battle of Culloden in 1746.  If you look closely at the monument where the iron fencing is situated, you will just make out the large boulder on the ground, this is the headstone.









12 Replies to “Appin Burial Ground & Culloden Monument – Scotland”

  1. Well done! An interesting place. It almost seems as if the graves have moved into the church. Thanks for the detail on the memorial stone. War certainly was more deadly when it was hand-to-hand. This would be a nice place for a stroll on a sunny afternoon. 🙂

  2. I just had a lovely stroll though some lovely photos!!! Please thank your patient saint of a hubby for me, as I appreciate his patience with sudden stops. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous pics of a lovely place, Lynne. We were in Port Appin at the weekend, but I shall have to go back and discover this one at some time! Such a massacre at Culloden – an awful price for such loyalty. And then there’s the Glen Coe massacre too. No wonder the mountains have such a sad beauty!

    1. Thanks Jo, I think its back from the main road, but it will be on google maps. One day we might bump into you at Port Appin, I just love that resturant there, as well as walking along the front. A couple of times I have just taken the ferry across and back, while the others have had a drink…..mad 🙂

      1. Do you mean the Pierhouse? That’s where we were staying! 🙂 I don’t blame you for taking the ferry across and back, what a nice idea!

      2. Well one day we will certainly bump into you there! Just putting up a post today about Colin’s 60th birthday which we spent there last weekend. 🙂

  4. Great pictures of a place I thought I would never see for myself. Thank you! In that cemetery lies a monument to my husband’s grandfather’s little brother John McIntyre who was born 7 April 1851 and died one month later 15 May. It was erected by his father Duncan McIntyre, Merchant, Port Appin, (wife Sarah McIntyre) in about 1854 before the family left for Australia. Incidentally, the Craft Shop, Port Appin, on the corner before you get to the ferry is where Duncan was shopkeeper.

    1. Thank you, this is one of the reasons I blog. I love it when it helps someone with their family history. It is a lovely little cemetery and very well looked after. I actually bought a china lighthouse in the shop last year, we always stop to have a look. I’m really glad it helped you see the cemetery 🙂

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