When we visited Rochester Cathedral in 2016, I found a couple of beautiful Nativity stained glass windows.  I decided to keep them for Christmas, so glad I did, as I haven’t had time to go looking for any this year.  Both husband and I have a very ill parent each at the moment, unfortunately they both live at different ends of the country.  We are doing a lot of travelling, but not a lot of camera work, so for once I am so please that I take far too many photos, I will never moan again about having too many……I was meant to 🙂

14 Replies to “Nativity Window No 3”

  1. Lovely window, well done for having plenty of images to choose from. Sad to hear about your family illnesses, but alas as we get older, these things become more likely…. Sending you and yours best wishes for the Christmas season

    1. Thank you Sue for your wishes, and yes thats the trouble of getting older, so we are trying to make lovely memories of what time is left…….like taking photos, but with out a card 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat, I think we will be ok over Christmas and then take if from there. Glad you enjoy the Nativities, although I’m afraid theres not that many this year 😦

  2. Wonderful windows! I’ll pray that the sick loved ones feel better at least over the holidays. My mom took really sick over the holidays last year that wasn’t a good memory at all. She had several strokes and we thought we were to lose her.

    1. Thank you, I think they will be ok for Christmas and then we will take one week at a time. Hope your holiday this year will be a really good one to make up for last year for you and your mum 🙂

      1. I won’t be with Mom this Christmas as I’m 13 hrs away from her,we were all together ( my siblings and I) at Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time! My children will be home for Christmas .

      2. That was lovely that you were all together at Thanksgiving……thats almost like Christmas in a way 🙂 You will have a house full at Christmas, which will be wonderful 🙂

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