Lochcarron Old Burial Ground, Scotland

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In 2013 we were driving along the north shore of Lock Carron, in Scotland, when we passed the old burial ground of Lochcarron Village  We reversed, and I had a couple of minutes to take some shots from the car.  In the graveyard is the ruinous parish church of 1751. There is a wide range of gravestones within this site, table tops, uprights and a few early 20th century. The ground is uneven and slopes up gently northwards. This site fell out of use as a parish church when the church to the east, Lochcarron Parish Church, was built c.1840.





Loch Carron

DSC_0294 - Version 2

The new parish church built in 1840’s


Loch Carron

4 Replies to “Lochcarron Old Burial Ground, Scotland”

  1. Looks like the old building is going to ruin. Would be nice if they could at least keep the trees away. I’ll have to look up Loch Carron on a map. Seems the lochs always have such interesting shorelines.

    1. The problem is, there are a lot of ruins in Scotland and really not a lot of money to spend on them, I think a lot, they just let nature take it course. All the lochs are beautiful and all are different in their own way 🙂

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