Kilearnadil Burial Ground, Isle of Jura, Scotland

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On our trip to Jura in 2016, I wanted to find the burial ground of Kilearnadil, I had read that there were quite a few medieval grave stones.  Yes, there are several, but quite worn and at the time of our visit, they were a little over grown with grass.  It was still interesting to visit, as it’s the location of a mausoleum erected to commemorate the Campbell family.  It is also the last resting place of Gillouir MacCraine, said to have kept one hundred and eighty Christmasses in his own house by the time he died in about 1646.  There are also some photos of a standing stone, that I noticed on our way when leaving the island.

10 Replies to “Kilearnadil Burial Ground, Isle of Jura, Scotland”

  1. That’s a good sized burial ground, lots to see. It needs some TLC. I think the cover stones have sunk into the ground a bit. Great photos, Lynne! 🙂

    1. HI, the problem with the islands are the stones are quite worn with the elements and the ones on Jura are really worn. There might be a web site for the island that might be able to help you 🙂

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