Church of the Saints Francis & Nicholas, Sacro Monte di Orta, Lake Orta, Italy (Road Trip 28)

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When you have made your way past the chapels on the Sacro Monte, as we did in my last post, you come to the church.  When we visited in September 2018, we were more or less on our own, which was wonderful.  Lake Orta is really still undiscovered to the rest of the lakes in Italy and long may it stay that way.  Back to the church, which was dark, so I had to use the flash.  I had just finished my photos, when the priest came in and said would I like the lights on, but we had a long way to go, so I thanked him and said no it was fine…… 

The full title of the church is ‘Church of the Saints Francis and Nicholas, Sanctuary of the Mother of the Redeemer’  Built between 1602 and 1607 from the old Church of San Nicholas, which was built in the 10th century.  The wooden statue on the major altar called ‘Pieta’ is from the 10th century…. so old and to have survived down through centuries is just amazing.   

The last photo was taken when we were on the ferry going to the island, the exterior of the church and shows that we were quite high up……and now we had to walk all the way back down, at least it was easier than going up.  Next post is about the hotel we stayed in, as I like to keep a record…..thats if I remember to take photos, I still forget to take photos of the wonderful food we had.


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