Skye’s Tower of Uig, Scotland

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Travelling around Skye, an Island off the coast of West Scotland, we came upon this tower over looking Uig.  What wonderful views you would have seen if you could have got past the bull and climb the tower.  But as the tower is on private land and the door locked that was not going to happen so the views are from the road side.

Uig Tower was built by a Captain Fraser of Kilmuir, who lived in a large house called Uig Lodge which was destroyed by the great flood of 1877, just after he had organised Sky’s last clearances. The tower seems to date from around about 1850, according to British Listed Buildings and is known as Captain Fraser’s Folly. It could have been a place were the local crofters paid their rents to his factor.

The tower is built in the Norman style with two floors, it is roofless and is built of rubble with flint dressings.  The building is owned by Uig Hotel and I wonder if you paid for a room they would move the bull so one could have a closer look…..might try it one day.


8 Replies to “Skye’s Tower of Uig, Scotland”

    1. I am so sorry I forgot to put down that it was Scotland, I have added it on now 🙂 Skye is an Island off the coast of West Scotland, it was one of the Islands we travelled around on our holiday and is very beautiful.

  1. Beautiful. Surely my ancestors left there for financial reasons. It couldn’t have been to find a prettier place to live.

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