The Art Gallery


Last year, 2016, my daughter had a whole art galley to herself, to exhibit some of her photographs.  We all went along to support her on the opening night, which turned out to be quite successful, as she sold two of her photographs.  Of course my camera came with me and I took a few photos, the lighting was a bit difficult, so I have played around with some of the photos, in attempt to save them and hopefully make them a bit interesting.  My little grandson, Oscar, is not so little anymore, and I just loved the way he had his hands in his back trouser pockets, while talking to his girlfriend, Nancy.  



Our Dog Eddie


You see lots of photos of Nancy and Toffee, but not many of our other two, Eddie and Nipper, mainly because they are photo shy.  But on this occasion, Dad had hold of Eddie and I got a couple of shots.  Eddie is a complex little creature, he was thrown over a wall when he was a few months old, so he’s a rescue dog, but I don’t think it did a lot of damage, as he can leap over six foot and not even think about it.  He’s not over fond of people (apart from the man at the kennels, thank goodness) he likes to hang off the back of trouser legs, he will bark all day long for his favourite toy, and then bark at you all day long to throw it ( I will just add, it never really gets to that point, but he would if he was allowed to )  He doesn’t really like the other dogs and has to sleep alone, which he prefers, in truth he should really be a single dog, not one of four.  But he loves us so much, and if he could, he would be carried everywhere like he is in the photos, he loves our contact.  He is more like a cat, he loves to curl on our laps, he likes to snugly under the cushions on the sofa, he will sit all night long with me while I blog, sometime adding his paw’s worth.  Maybe one day I will get some close ups of Nipper, mind you I’m not sure he has any eyes, not seen them for years, he has a fringe, which he hides behind, funny dog 🙂


Blue Skies, Venice


A view of Venice, but for the life of me, I can not remember what part of the city this is, but what I can remember…….it was a lovely walk along the wide avenue, and although it was busy, it seemed not so touristy.  We are away again at the moment, so I will post an odd photo when I have time…….just wish today was nice as this, London is wet and grey……not good for taking photos.

Stick Waterman


Waterman of Venice, crossing the Lagoon from one island to another, they follow the posts in the water. I took the photo from the train window, just before we arrived at the station.  I love taking photos of people from a distance, they look like stick people…..just a small quirk I have 🙂

The Rescue Services at the Falls of Lora, Scotland


As we came over the Connel Bridge on our way to Oban on holiday at the start of May 2016, we could see the ‘Falls of Lora’ in quite a spectacular mode.  After crossing the bridge there is a small carpark that you can stop and see the water.  I must admit, just for a second I thought I was seeing a rescue taking place, thank goodness it was the Rescue Service practising, and I got some good action photos.  I found the following board that gives you some details on the falls and at the bottom you can see one of the rescue boats, similar to the ones practising.



There were two craft, one always waiting further down steam.


Now the action starts.  Man overboard, or in this case….pushed.










Everyone was saved and actually looked like they enjoyed being pushed into the water.





May 2016

Oh Deer

DSC_0930 2

This is the only red deer I have seen in Scotland, in the the years we have been visiting, this it it 🙂  We were driving across the Isle of Mull to catch the ferry to Iona in 2013.  We were going at a bit of a pace, when suddenly I saw the deer, I managed a quick couple of shots, and luckily the photos were not one big furry blur.  I still haven’t seen another one, maybe this coming holiday, but this one looked so cute, eating the nice green grass of the bungalows lawn, with a smile on his face (I think its a him)…….



Houghton Mill, Cambridgshire


Houghton Mill, in Cambridgeshire, is such a photogenic building, I just love taking photos of it, and the surrounding area 🙂

The Mill belongs to the National Trust and is open to the Public at a charge, but the countryside is free to walk in.



Taken with my old iPhone in 2011