Fun, Ghosts & Knock Castle, Isle of Skye, Scotland

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I thought I would have fun with some photos I took of Knock Castle, but its interesting when you start to dig into the history of a few remains.

To find Knock Castle you have to catch the ferry from Mallaig to the Isle of Sky, disembark at the ferry terminal in Armadale, which is the back door into Sky, travel 4 miles to Knock Bay and there you will find the ruins of Knock Castle.


The fun bit is my attempts to try and save a few photos that I took from the window of the car, as we were running out of time, so husband didn’t want to stop.  They were rather dark, so I have had a go at black & white, then tried hightlighting the castle and the last photo…..normal.

But back to the castle…… some of the early ruins are 13th century, mostly the remains of the gatehouse and the rest are 14th century.  The very first castle was built on the remains of an Iron Age Fort.  The castle passed between two the Clans MacDonald’s and MacLeod’s several times, but in the end it stayed in the hands of the MacDonald’s. The castle was abandoned in the 1600’s when it then became a quarry for other buildings in the area.

Now we come to the best bit……its haunted and its haunted by two ghosts, a green lady and a spirit who looks after livestock.  The green lady is associated with the family who occupied the site and when its good news, she is happy and when is bad news she weeps.

So for a few photos of a haunted castle, I have had fun and learned a little, from our visit in May 2013.


4 Replies to “Fun, Ghosts & Knock Castle, Isle of Skye, Scotland”

  1. What a lovely place, and beautiful setting! I like your b&w photo, as it brings out the clouds. A lovely history, too – I like a bit of haunting! It’s a shame that the building was plundered for its stone – I wonder what it would look like, if it had been better preserved?

    1. I would have love to have stayed and explored the remains, you can get to them, but they are a bit risky as they have not been looked after. It was quite misty and the photos did’nt come out that well, but I think changing the 1st one to b&w just about saved it 🙂

  2. I heard that there were 7 brothers that went to work in the field s of the castle and that they were decapitated and that a servent went to the castle and told the father that his 7 sons were murdered he too died from the news. Why doesn’t the sons haunt the castle.

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