Last year on a visit to see my daughter & family in Kent, we were on a bypass and I saw the tower of St Mary’s Church in Sevington near Ashford, soaring into the sky.  Oh we just had to go and explore that one..…..well I did, the others are more into ruins than whole buildings……never mind their loss.  Its quite a walk to the church as it is cut off from the village by the Southern Orbital Road, which was the road we had been on.  I did past two men with shotguns, and their dogs, I think I gave them a surprise, but they kept their guns pointed down.  When I arrived at the church, I just knew it would be locked and it was, you could go and get the key, but that meant going all the way back, so one day I will get the key before hand.

This is a wonderful Ragstone church, Kent churches always seem so different, like a wonderful mishmash of different styles, but in away that looks like its meant to be, like the beautiful Oast houses that you see.  The cat slide roof swoops down to nearly ground level and is attached to a two staged tower and spire.  The church was altered by the Normans in about 1200, so the church was most probably Saxon, it was also altered in the 13th & 14th century and 1877 & 1936.  The name Sevington probably derives from the Anglo Saxon Saigtu tun meaning ‘The Homestead of Saigfu’

From our visit June 2013

11 Replies to “St Mary’s Church, Sevington, Kent”

  1. What a lovely old place, Lynne, well worth going to look at! That tower is just amazing, with the two-angled roof. Love all the little details too. A great find!

    1. It really is a beauty, I am so used to seeing big over the top churches, that some times it just so nice to see something so old and rustic looking. There are lots of lovely churches in Kent. We lived in Kent for a few years and at that time I had a video camera and took loads of church related film, but its really hard to transfer them on to the pc, we did a little but it takes so long. Nope I will just have to revisit and shot them all again 🙂

      1. I remember I first came across your blog when I read your post about Pluckley, which I think is in Kent. It would probably be a life’s work to go around all the churches in England! There are some really beautiful ones, though. I never used to get all that enthusiastic about churches, but your blog has made me look twice at them!

      2. I think people get so used to just seeing churches in their everyday life, that they stop looking at them….oh yes just a church. If I have just showed one person (you 🙂 ) then its one more person that can pass on how much history there is a one church let alone the thousands in the uk. Even Steve will come in and wander around now, not every church, but more than he use to and he will point out things that he thinks I have missed……its my good training 🙂 Steve says I beam when we go into a really old church, and he’s right, I can’t stop smiling, which must be good for you if nothing else 🙂

  2. Hello Blosslyn. I wonder if you would be happy for me to put a link to this article in my recently started blog about the potentially devastating development of the all the farmland surrounding this beautiful church. The proposal is for up to 10 warehouses, two of which are absolutely huge and the idyllic views of the church will be forever lost.

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