The Doorway of Kilpeck Parish Church, Herefordshire

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We have been away for a few days to the beautiful county of Herefordshire.  This is a county, that until quite recently we had not explored, but what a little gem of a county it is.  Full of churches, castles and stunning views, we visited so many places that I got dizzy on the last day, because there was still so much I wanted to see.  We did very well though in the full three days that we had, we also popped across into Wales and explored a few castles and churches there.

This is the beautiful south doorway of the Parish Church of St Mary and St David in Kilpeck in Herefordshire, a further post will follow of this wonderful church.   There is also a castle behind the church and a deserted village to the left, hopefully posts will follow on these as well.

April 2015

16 Replies to “The Doorway of Kilpeck Parish Church, Herefordshire”

    1. Maybe you will see it one day, I am planning to do a post with some close ups of the carvings, and there is much more to this church, you are quite right you would really enjoy it 🙂

    1. Next time I go to Herefordshire I will make sure the site we are on (we had a short holiday in our motor home) is in an area that you can get the internet. It was awful at first, but soon reverted to the old fashion way of reading a book and having conversations. This church is amazing, there is so much that I will have to do it piecemeal 🙂

  1. did you know that the mound behind it was the site of a castle? Nothing but some rubble left but a fine view ~ we had a lovely picnic there once.

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