Salem Lutheran Church, Near Morris PA, USA

One of things that I wanted to photograph on this holiday to the USA, were the lovely white boarded churches you see dotted around.  I was quite lucky with the first church that we came to, as we could stop, which allowed me take take some photos out of the car for a change 🙂  As with most of the churches that I tried to have a look inside, this one was locked, not a lot different from home then……  This church was in a wonderful location, high on top of a hill with wonderful views all around.  We found the church on the road to Morris in Pennsylvania, on our way to where we were staying for the wedding.

USA June 2015


  1. It’s sad that one has to lock doors of a church, but as with our church we need too for things get stolen. There is a little church within walking distance of our home,that has some age to it ,I believe it was built in 1847.i love to visit it and sit on the ol benches. The doors are always open.

    1. Where we love in Norfolk, lots of churches are left open, but in nearby counties, lots are closed. I can understand, as there has been lots of thefts, its difficult to know whats for the best. But I did enjoy taking photos of the little white wooden churches, so different from our churches. I did get to visit some churches in Boston, which were lovely, still have to post about them 🙂

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