When we did our tour of the Outer Hebrides last year, 2014, I was amazed at the amount of history there was dotted around the Islands.  I suppose you would call this monument on North Uist modern history, it records the memory of the men who took part of a land raid in 1921.


The plaque on this stone commemorates the Paiblesgarry Land Raid of 1921, on the Balranald Estate in North Uist. A group of local men had been promised land if they signed up to fight in the First World War. When the survivors returned and tried to claim the land they were denied. They attempted to take the land and were all sentenced to 60 days imprisonment, although they did not all serve time in prison. Farms were eventually set up on the land as crofting land settlement schemes. The plaque lists the names of 12 participants in the raid.


2 Replies to “A Monument to Land Raiders”

    1. The same here Jo, its only since I looked up land raiders that I understood what the monument was. It happened on all the Islands, and mainland Scotland as well. Its an interesting piece of social history that has nearly been forgotten about.

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