3 Replies to “Windsor, A Royal Castle”

  1. Lynn, Windsor was the first real castle I ever saw ~ at age ten ~ We lived quite nearby and often visited the town , the castle park land ect~ I remember being truly awestruck the first glimpse I caught of it as my father explained whose castle it belonged to and a bit of it’s history It seemed like something from a dream,.as before that time castles existed only in my beloved fairy tales and history books on England ~ It was love at first sight ~ not just for my first grand castle, but every aspect of life for me in England~ like finally coming home ~ and never wanting to leave.~being a child of an Air Force officer though, one had little control over constant relocating. Windsor was also the first place I saw Prince Philip, on horseback and Prince Charles (a youth then) and the Queen~ all very informal, with a small knot of onlookers, the Prince and his father had been playing polo , red in the faces and quite cheerful~ Queen in her trademark headscarf and mac~ looking on~ we were inches away from them and when my father explained to us who they were , I could not reconcile the fact that they appeared so ordinary and why were they not in velvet robes with golden crowns and people bowing left and right as they made they way along! It was both exciting on one level realizing there still existed such things as Queens and princes ect, yet also rather disappointing the first time. (we lived at nearby Bracknell on the Royal Staff College camp, so spent many Sunday afternoons pottering round the area.)

    1. What lovely memories, so glad I posted the photo, I nearly didn’t, so really pleased I did now. We used to see the Queen a lot, as she used to come to Portsmouth a lot and we used to the line the road to the ferry and wave at her. Also you are right, it is a fairytale castle, must be, a Queen lives there πŸ™‚

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