From Landsberg, Bavaria to Interlaken, Switzerland

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We arrived home from this years visit to Landsberg, Bavaria, a couple of days ago, but I have been a little busy since then.  We were very lucky, the weather had been glorious, not so good now we are home, but we enjoyed the sun when we were on our visit.  

I still have Iceland photos to post, and then this years visit to Bavaria, we did go to some lovely places.  I am working on the photos for Iceland, but I did find some of 2016’s visit to Landsberg and Interlaken.  We went to Switzerland two years in a row, in 2015 the weather was wonderful, 2016 very cold and mostly wet, but I did find some good weather photos apart from a little rain which sneaked in.  So really just a trip from Landsberg to Interlaken and you will notice how each place differs from the other, but both in their own unique way.

14 Replies to “From Landsberg, Bavaria to Interlaken, Switzerland”

  1. Wonderful photos. You are really clicking full time! Those window boxes really caught my attention. Wonder if I could do something like that? The shot of the mountains is really striking. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat. Yes the window boxes were beautiful, no reason you can’t……. as long as you remember to water them….. I have trouble with hanging baskets, I have to make myself water them…… rain is quite handy some times. We have some still left from over the winter with pansies in them, still looking good, with all the rain we have had 🙂

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