Reflection Through The Train Window

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I am sorting through the next batch of photos for posting of our trip to Switzerland 2018, when I came across a photo that I nearly trashed.  A photo where the flash through the train window, we were going up the Jungfrau again, reflected back on the glass, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it.  I like the shape of my husband’s head and the bits of scenery, with the train running through the centre, showing through.  The first photo is just to show you what will be coming up soon, at the top of a mountain.

September 2018

4 Replies to “Reflection Through The Train Window”

  1. OMG I love that photo – I’m glad you didn’t throw it out! It reminds me of one I took on a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium. There were some great fish swimming by and I took a pic and got the fish, but also the reflection of my family looking at them. Sometimes these kinds of pictures evoke greater memories, don’t they?

    1. So glad the photo evoke a lovely memory, I love it when that happens….it’s part of the joy of posting them, so yes I’m glad I didn’t trash it now 🙂

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