Photos’s from our visit last Sunday of the poppies at The Tower of London.  The fade photo of the young man with his brother is James Martin, my uncle who died in WW2 in Holland just before the end of the war, it was his 21st birthday.  This is the only photograph there is of this brave young man and he was my mothers big brother, whom she loved dearly.  The photo of his headstone was taken in Holland some 40 years ago, I have visited his grave twice and what was lovely is that families in Holland used to look after a grave of a soldier.  I’m not sure if this happens anymore, but it was wonderful being taken by the family to see the grave.

The other photos of a WW1 solider is my Mother’s father, also James Martin, he survived the war, but was shot in the leg and also gassed at the Somme he was 18 years old.  He would never speak about the war and even more so after he lost his son in WW2.  I think we should say thank you to the ones that did survived, because they went through hell to do so.   I remember my father in law, he should have been on HMS Hood, but had to go in to hospital for a small operation, all his friends, every single one of them died, he never got over it.  Another uncle was a prisoner of war in the far east and most of his friends, he watched them die in front of him slowly, until they were saved by the Americans.

So thank you to all of our armed forces –  past and present.

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    1. Thank you Jo, there were so many people it was very difficult to get photos, it really was point and press, i knew we should have got up earlier. The stories make it all the more poignant and they should be passed on, also I think its right that both should be remembered.

  1. Reblogged this on City Jackdaw and commented:
    Recently I shared photographs on City Jackdaw of the poppies being put into the moat of the Tower of London. Here you can see it has now been filled, and how effective it looks, in time for this poignant day.

      1. There is a comment from Linda, over on my Reblogged post. I am our family historian, I suppose, but I think the comment is intended for you.

  2. We sometimes forget that the last war in Europe and the Pacific was not that long ago. Madmen leading a willing people against the rest of the world. All the lives lost both military and civilian are mourned for the waste that it was. I hope our children never have to face that kind of horror.

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