Restoration Projects – Scotland

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Some of you will know that I cannot pass an abandoned building without taking a photo or two.  Most of the time the photos are taken out of the car window, so on a few of these photos there are some windscreen marks….it had been raining and made a nasty mess on the glass.  But then again these photos are for recording these old cottages, as I am sure they are gradually reverting to nature every year that we pass.  The are all to be found on the road from Oban to Fort William on the west coast of Scotland and are from our visit in May 2106.

DSC_0580 (1)

Also how much longer will we see old corrugated iron buildings like this village hall, I have a feeling a new category could be in the making 🙂

17 Replies to “Restoration Projects – Scotland”

    1. Yes I think they have restored that cottage a little, would make a lovely week end retreat. You use to see lots of village hall like this one, but they are now being pull down, so I am going to try and record some before its too late…..unless it is already !!!

  1. Fab photos if they are snapped from a moving car, Lynne! That old village hall looks familiar. There used to be more of those about! Any one of these would make a lifetime’s project, I reckon.

    1. Thanks Jo, I’m sure you must have passed the village hall lots of times on the way to Fort William. I wouldn’t have minded starting one years ago, but not now, I wouldn’t mind one all finished now 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, yes I agree about monochrome, but I also like the faded paint work, so I have a hard time….sometimes making up my mind what to do 🙂

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