We went to see the rock band AC/DC in concert in July 2015, although not really my thing, my husband loved every minute.  I enjoyed it for the sense of occasion and for the opportunity to take photos…… and a little of the music.  I have found lots of photos, that I had forgotten about, while having a massive clear out, it’s nearly as good as having a really, really good spring clean and getting rid of a load of unwanted junk 🙂

Also another one for my ‘Occupation Category’  Rock Band

8 Replies to “AC/DC Wembley London”

  1. The place looks packed! When they first got famous in late 70s-1980 or so, we all thought they were crap, and yet compared to the rubbish that has oozed out the last couple of decades, they are great in retrospect!

    1. They are quite nice when you can hear them 🙂 There are a couple that I like, but I did enjoy the occasion. We saw Meat Loaf many years ago and I did enjoy that 🙂

  2. I’m not a rock fan,don’t care for all the screaming guitars,or any screaming for that matter. It has to do with my ears,ultra sensitive to high pitch sounds…. I did enjoy your photos as they were sweetly silent!😁

    1. Glad you enjoyed the photos…..I was deaf for nearly a week and I even worn some ear plugs. Not something I would do again, but Steve really enjoyed it and it was like a payment for all the churches etc. But I really like silence and maybe sometimes some Scottish folk music 🙂

  3. A happy hubby, good music, a new t-shirt, beer and an understanding wife 😊 Well done Steve, rock on. I had my favourites before AC/DC came on the scene, Led Zeppelin, Who, Black Sabbath, just as loud back then, funny, my wife doesn’t listen to them either. Nice photos for a nice memory.

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