Halloween – 16th Century Lea Gate Inn, Gibbit & Ghosts

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Back in July 2014, we had been out and about exploring in Lincolnshire, and after visiting a castle and a number of churches, we were weary travellers in need of a hostelry.  So as soon as we saw The Lea Gate Inn, we made a beeline for the door, as it was getting quite late for lunch.  Happily they were still serving lunch, but only just, so we sat at a table and waited.

There is a lot of history in this building and you can feel it in the old beams and wooden floors, the place oozes with it.  After we had a really lovely meal, and a drink, we took our leave.  I wandered around the outside to take a few photos and found a ancient notice board, ha no wonder you could feel something.  Next to the Inn there is Gibbit Nook Close, it was the site of the gibbet or gallows used for the public execution of criminals. The bodies were left hanging as a warning to others who might think of breaking the law. In the main lounge of the Inn, above the fireplace, is an engraving titled the “Last Supper” where it is believed that the last rites were given to the condemned souls.  You can go through the gate, which you can see in the photos, and have a look, but the feelings had been so strong inside the Inn, I gave it a miss.

The Inn is one of the oldest licensed premises in the country, dating from 1542.  It was the last of the Fen Guide Houses that provided shelter before the treacherous marshes were drained.  To think that it was built before the Fens were inclosed and is possibly the last one of its kind, makes it quite a gem of a building.  One thing I did miss, was the priest hole, its above one of the large inglenook fireplaces, a good reason to go back.

I have since found out that like all ancient buildings, the Lea Gate has a ghost or two.  The resident ghost is Jack Cooper, now it is not known if Jack is one of the executed criminals or a local, but he sits near the inglenook fireplace mumbling away to himself, he is most often seen on a quiet winters afternoon.  From the way he is dressed, he could well be a tradesman from the 16th century, probably a barrel maker as the name indicates.  There are some, that have also seen a Cavalier figure near the fireplace, maybe someone from the nearby Tattershall Castle.





Happy Halloween 2015

8 Replies to “Halloween – 16th Century Lea Gate Inn, Gibbit & Ghosts”

  1. What a wonderful find, Lynne! Good food, history and ghosts, what more could you want? 🙂 Is this close enough that you might go back for lunch sometime?

    1. No not really Pat, its quite a distance, but you never know, we might pass by again one day. But it was a complete surprise as I just thought it was just an old pub, so yes it was a wonderful find 🙂 But reading about Lincolnshire pubs, they all seen to have their ghosts, so will have to pick some to have a look at 🙂

      1. Ha Ha! You could have run into some of my relatives. We think one of our great grandfathers came from a tiny little place called Hammeringham in Lincolnshire. Not definite though, Just a best guess.

      2. Just had googled Hammeringham and I think we might make a visit, there is a walk that covers some lost churches and a battlefield, as well as a dear little church in the village. Would make a lovely day out, now if you had not mentioned you ancestors I would never have known 🙂 I can always look at some gravestones if that would help 🙂

  2. Wow! That would be great! His Last name was Elvin, so if you find any gravestones with that name on I’d love to see them. Thanks so much! And if you don’t find any Elvins I won’t hold it against you. In that case just do your usual good job of finding the pretty ones. 🙂

    1. I know that every little bit of information can help while trying to find ancestors. I have spent the last 30 years ‘doing’ family history and now its more of learning who they where and what they did. So when we visit I will be more than happy to have a look and hopefully take some photos for you. Just got to hope for some nice weather now 🙂

    1. The strange thing was, the feeling I got inside, was not horrible or spooky, just that a lot had happened, a little sadness, but nothing like it should have been with the gallows next to the building. Must be some good ghosts are there as well, maybe Jack is good and keeps the rest away 🙂 The food was lovely, worth another visit one day 🙂

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