Invergarry Castle & Glengarry Castle Hotel, Near Loch Ness, Scotland


Back in 2013, while on holiday in Scotland near Loch Ness, I nearly missed this castle, we made a wrong turning, backed into a road and low and behold a castle.  There is quite a lot left of Invergarry Castle, compared to some ruins that I have posted lately.  The ruins are fenced off, but you can see a lot with out endangering life or limb.  I did squeeze along the fence and pushed through some bushes to get the interior shots, then realised that there was water down below, which was Loch Oich.  It gave me a bit of a fright as there was a large motor boat half submerged in the water and it looked a bit spooky…….so it was back through the bushes fast.

We then drove down the drive as I had seen a sign for a hotel, Glengarry Castle Hotel.  The hotel was formally Invergarry house and built in the late 1800’s.  We had a quick drive pass and I grabbed a photo, which is at the bottom of the post, with some details.


A few details………Invergarry Castle was the seat of the Chiefs of the MacDonells of Glengarry, a powerful branch of the Clan Donald, known as the Clan Ranald of Knoydart and Glengarry. Its situation on Creagan an Fhithich – the Raven’s Rock – overlooking Loch Oich in the Great Glen, was a strategic one in the days of clan feuds and Jacobite risings.

Prince Charles Edward Stuart- “Bonnie Prince Charlie” – visited the Castle in 1745, shortly after the raising of the Royal Standard at Glenfinnan and is said to have rested there after his defeat at Culloden, in 1746. The redcoats of “Butcher” Cumberland burned it in 1746 after the Battle of Culloden but the stout walls refused to yield and have survived the centuries to serve as a reminder to their glorious past.










Invergarry House, later re-named Glengarry Castle Hotel, was built in 1866-1869 by celebrated architect David Bryce for Edward Ellice Jnr. David Bryce built over 100 Baronial Mansions and his other works include Fettes College, The Royal Infirmary and The Bank of Scotland all of which are in Edinburgh.


  1. This must have been quite a place in it’s day. You know I love your photos, but do please avoid falling in any lochs for the sake of them. 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat, It was a bit of surprise, because there were trees and bushes, so you couldn’t see the water to start with, but it was the boat I didn’t like. I even got Steve to come and have a look to make sure that it was an old wreck and not a new one. It was a big motor cruiser, very nice but just a bit damp 🙂

  2. That looks a great place to explore, but a bit patched-up in terms of safety! I’m guessing that you didn’t climb around too much! It’s a good job you had Steve with you!

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