The Top Of Europe Experience, The Jungfrau, Switzerland

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We are off on our travels again tonight and we are revisiting an experience we really enjoyed last year.  I can’t believe its nearly a year ago that we travelled to the top of Europe, The Jungfrau in Switzerland. Three train trips take you to the top and the views are spectacular, taking you above the cloud into another world.  Also I can’t believe I haven’t done any posts on our trip, but I’m so far behind with my photos, but maybe this time its an advantage, because we are going from a very hot Uk to apparently five days of rain in the Swiss Alps.  We will be fine above the cloud, which is the most important thing, so if we do have nasty weather below cloud, I will just use last years photos, as the weather then was stunning.  The reason we are revisiting, its to take my husband’s Mum and Dad up the mountain as both have been very ill, with heart and cancer problems.  At the moment, both are quite well, but you have to grab the chance when you can to make lovely memories, and fingers crossed, thats what we will do on this holiday 🙂





October 2015


26 Replies to “The Top Of Europe Experience, The Jungfrau, Switzerland”

    1. Thank you and glad you liked it. I’m sure we will have a lovely time, in spite of the rain 🙂 My camera is a Nikon D5300 and the lens is 18 – 105 mm, but I have no idea really, as I just point and press 🙂

    1. Thank you Pat, we leave in about an hour and they are so excited… a couple of kids. Truthfully its pleasure to do and really the weather is secondary 🙂

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