This little window is in the porch of St Mary’s Church, Sedgeford, Norfolk.  The weather was really hot, but it was lovely and cool inside the porch and your eye is straight away taken to this little open window.  Its the first open window that I have come across, there must be a name for it, but to me it just looked very eye catching.

4 Replies to “A Church Eye View”

  1. I’ve not seen one in a porch, but you do sometimes find them leading off the chancel and I believe they were so that lepers could receive communion without having to have contact with people inside – I think you also find them in churches where hermits have lived – same principle of avoiding direct contact.

    1. Yes now you mention it I have hear about the lepers window, but have never or not noticed one before. Didn’t think about that at all, but I think you could be right 🙂

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