A Visit To Margate & Dreamland, Kent

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On a visit to Margate, Kent in 2016, we visited Dreamland, a pleasure park on the sea front.  We had visited a few years ago, but its heyday was during the 50’s and 60’s, I found some photos on a wall of that era and took a few shots to compare, but unfortunately in 2016 it was not quite recapturing the past.  I have read that in 2017 the park was relaunched, so I think another visit is required to see any difference, before and after posts.  There has been a pleasure park on the site since 1880, and it would be wonderful if it is able to continue.

The above photos are the ones I found on the wall and the below photos are mine, just to compare.

I have also added a few random shots of Margate to capture a little of the seaside resort.


10 Replies to “A Visit To Margate & Dreamland, Kent”

    1. Well I think they have spent a lot of money, so it will be interesting to see the difference, maybe in the summer we will visit 🙂 Its a nice little seaside resort, with lots going on 🙂

  1. Ironic that the entrance to Dreamland you show was so unprepossessing, even forbidding; Nightmareland would have been my impression, a bit like Banksy’s Dismal-land which he set up in Weston-super-Mare as a social commentary on Disney land.

  2. It seems like I remember Margate being mentioned in an old book…..one of Jane Austen’s maybe? I will have to keep an eye out for it when I do my annual summer read through of all her books. Interesting post as usual!

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