These photos are of our Halloween visit in 2015 to Kent, to see our grandson Oscar.  We had seen a pick your own pumpkin field and thought he might enjoy it.  Oh yes, he thought that was great, in fact he practised trying to make his face look like a pumpkin all afternoon…….I was a bit worried in case it was going to stay like it, being Halloween with lots of magic around, who knows what could have happened 🙂  He also sat on the biggest pumpkin I have ever seen.  I think all the children had a great time picking their own pumpkins, and Oscar was very proud of his, and also of his scary pumpkin smile.

Happy Halloween 2017

6 Replies to “PYO Pumpkins”

    1. Yes, it was a little scary, so glad the wind didn’t change. Do you have that saying, that if you pull a face and the wind changes, you face will stay that way lol 🙂

      1. We used to be warned our face could stay that way when contorted, but I never heard that it took a wind change. Oh, well, we got part of it right. 🙂

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