Priory Lane Cottages the remains of a Benedictine Priory

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On my wanderings through Kings Lynn and heading for St Margaret’s church I came across another gateway.  This gateway, and the cottages contain the remains of a Benedictine Priory founded in 1100.  The cottages are called Priory Lane Cottages, and were restored by the Kings Lynn Trust in 1970-74.  They are a terrace of small cottages in the only remaining wing to the Benedictine Monastery, which preceded St Margaret’s Church.  The gateway was opened up in 1974.

In the churchyard of St Margaret’s there is a very good view of the back of the cottages that show echoes of a past building.



4 Replies to “Priory Lane Cottages the remains of a Benedictine Priory”

    1. Your right they are treasures and thanks to the trust they are still with us, lots of Lynn was swept away by the town planners in the 70’s, but there is still a lot left for me to explore 🙂 Many thanks for watching,

  1. The rear views are sometimes much more telling – I particularly love that little window – you have a fine eye for details.

    1. I love finding these little bits of history tucked away and I always want to find out whats around the corner. In this case I just hoped that no one thought I was spying through their kitchen window 🙂

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