The Wedding Photographer, Waxham Barn, Norfolk

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These are the last of the photos that I took of a wedding at Waxham Barn in Norfolk.  We wanted to see the interior of the barn, but there was a wedding reception, so we had to make do with people watching while having our lunch in the cafe.  This young man was the photographer and he was very entertaining, I was ready just incase he fell of the wall…..but he didn’t.  But he has made my Occupation Category as Wedding Photographer.

6 Replies to “The Wedding Photographer, Waxham Barn, Norfolk”

  1. Great pics! I know from Verity & Chris what goes into good wedding photos! Hanging over stair bannisters and climbing up all sorts of risky places. Sometimes I’d rather not know!

  2. Just randomly stumbled across this post whilst working on my website Thanks for the pics and kind words (been a while since I’ve been called young), that is in fact me on the wall and I’m happy to tell you I am alive and well. In response to Stephen G.Hipperson’s comment, the photographer and couple work closely so they get exactly what they want from the day. It is their day, not mine, and if I wasn’t sensitive to that I’d have gone out of business long ago. Some couples like traditional, some like informal, some like a mixture. It’s nowhere near as easy as people think. Those of you that have dipped their toes in to wedding photography and alluded to on the blog will know, it isn’t for the feint hearted! It is a fantastic job, and the photography and creativity comes second to the people and celebration. Anyway I shall leave it there for fear of sounding too smug.

    Fascinating blog and wonderful honest photography…perhaps you can be my second shooter when you are next at Waxham Barn? Keep up the good work! All the best. James 🙂

    1. Hello James, how wonderful to hear from you, and I know its not easy, I was 2nd photographer to some friends wedding, they wanted me to take the unusual shots, which I did and they were really please with them, but it is hard work and once was enough. Sorry but you were entertaining to me and you really looked like you were enjoying it, and why shouldn’t you if you enjoy your job. I am not a photographer, I like to think I am a recorder of events and of my main passion churches, but I love doing it. Glad you like your photos, I like the one where you are punching the air and thank you for your kinds words and all the best for the future, going to have a look at your web site now, for hints 🙂 kind regards, Lynne

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